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Ahmeti comments on Negotiations with SDSM
Friday, 17 February 2017 11:39


On Thursday, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti commented on the negotiations with SDSM. As he said, the document does not contain an atomic bomb. Until early in the morning, DUI’s leadership was reviewing the options in terms of which party would be a better coalition partner. There were consultations over the document with the Alliance of Albanians, too. “All analyses are being made in the party. I assure you that the document does not contain an atomic bomb. You’ll be informed about all details. It’s about concrete issues for the Albanian interests and we are carrying out analysis. I think any rash reaction and response would have fatal consequences,” he noted. SDSM once again said it was waiting for DUI’s signatures for a parliamentary majority. “At this stage, we are talking about a mandate to form a government. We are not talking about content, form and type of government and whether such a deal will be reached,” SDSM spokesperson Petre Silegov stressed. The Head of the EU Delegation to Macedonia, Samuel Zbogar, too, commented on the situation in Macedonia. “I don’t think the situation in the country is that difficult. We shouldn’t be dramatising,” he noted. Zbogar’s view, considering the fact that elections were held, it’s normal for more time to be given so that the political leaders are able to form a government. “I see that the political parties are already engaged,” Zbogar pointed out. As he added, he is optimistic that the political leaders will find the right way to form a government so that the EU can continue to work in the field of implementing the necessary reforms.

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