Everyone interpreting Name deal Differently, says Deputy PM Osmani

Everyone is interpreting the name deal differently, which is the reason for the halt in the negotiations, Deputy PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani said on Friday regarding the issue of why the telephone conversation between PMs Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras still hasn’t taken place. “These are the last metres of the 25-year-long marathon and they are usually most critical and can determine the outcome,” he pointed out. The Deputy PM is once again optimistic that the next hours and days will be crucial to the talks. The same day, media in Greece reported a statement made by a Greek government official in response to the press-release issued by Macedonian Foreign Ministry the previous day, according to whom there is a good deal on the table that must be ended soon. However, as the official added, “some are unfortunately insisting on playing games.”

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