Government Adopts Draft Law for Ratification of Name Agreement

The government adopted on Monday the draft law for ratification of the name agreement with Greece. The document was submitted to Parliament. Once it passes the parliamentary filter, it will be submitted to President Gjorge Ivanov, who will have seven days to sign it. The President has already said he will not accept a constitutional change aiming at a change of the country’s constitutional name. If Ivanov uses a veto, the draft law will once again be returned to Parliament. After the second adoption, the deal is returned to Parliament once again. If it is adopted a second time, it is given back to Ivanov, who, according to the Constitution, has the duty to sign it. VMRO-DPMNE once again said it would not support the deal. On the other hand, SDSM stated that Hristijan Mickoski’s party shouldn’t “halt the country’s Euro-Atlantic future.” DUI considers that the signing of the agreement represents fulfilment of the dream for EU and NATO. According to the other Albanian parties, they will vote in favour of the ratification. The draft law will be sent to Parliament with a so-called European flag. PS Talat Xhaferi scheduled the session for the document for 11 am on Tuesday.

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