Russian Embassy Assesses Zaev Statement as Irresponsible

The Skopje-based Russian Embassy said Monday the statement of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that Russian businessmen stoked fans ‘Komiti’ to protest is politically irresponsible. “The statement puts into question the sincerity of the commitment by the Macedonian government to build good relations with Russia. We regretfully note that the russo-phobia is increasingly becoming a tool in foreign and domestic policy,” twitted the embassy. Regarding claims that Russian businessmen stoked protests in Macedonia, PM Zaev said earlier they came from reports that included conversations between the police and protesters. “I talked about this after seeing the reports we are receiving. You know, those young boys ‘Komiti’ were summoned by the police after attacking the police officers. During their testimonies, they mentioned Russian businessmen giving out money and that is why they took part in the protests,” noted Zaev.

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