FM Dimitrov Report on Foreign Policy Delayed

Chair of the Committee for Foreign affairs from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE Antonijo Milososki did not allow FM Nikola Dimitrov to address Wednesday’s session before they have insight into the classified documents from the leaders’ meetings held in January and May this year about the name issue. Thus, the address of the FM was delayed. Namely, Milosoksi demands that MPs with security certificate have insight into the classified documents accusing PS Talat Xhaferi of banning services to submit the documents that were already prepared. According to him, this raises doubts about cover-up by the government. “Is the ban issued because at the first meeting in January this year a national consensus was adopted for not changing the Constitution regarding the resolution with Athens,” Milososki wanted to know, adding another option was Constitutional revision only for the name Ilinden Macedonia at the proposal of government as stated at the May meeting.

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