Russian Embassy: Foreign leaders tell Macedonians how to vote in Referendum

The Russian Embassy in Macedonia commented via their Twitter profile the recent events concerning the referendum in Macedonia, the country’s integration in NATO and EU and the visits of international political figures. “It is quite often these days for foreign leaders to suggest the citizens of Macedonia how to vote on the upcoming referendum in the country. What would have happened if a Russian official for example, decided “to advise” the citizens of Macedonia about the referendum?” writes the tweet of the Russian Embassy. After several media reported that the tweet refers the recent visits of Macedonia by NATO Sec Gen, Jens Stoltenberg, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Luxembourg’s FM jean Asselborn, US Senator Ron Johnson and others, the Russian Embassy issued a reaction in which it stated that the tweet was referring Albanian President Ilir Meta’s call for citizens of Macedonia to vote positively in the upcoming referendum, and not the recent visits to Skopje by foreign politicians and diplomats.