SDSM Executive Committee Session

The process is serious, we shall try to secure 2/3 majority with MPs and we will do everything we can, SDSM leader and PM Zoran Zaev said late Thursday following the meeting of the party executive committee. The SDSM Committee concluded that MPs should follow the clearly expressed will of the majority of over 600,000 citizens for membership to the NATO and EU with preserved identity. If this was not possible, the press release reads, then early elections are to be slated immediately. As the party notes, the Executive Committee authorised SDSM President Zaev and MP Group Coordinator Tomislav Tuntev to take all necessary steps aimed at preparation for early polls. “No one should hope for amnesty. It is a rather significant issue, concerning the future of the country and its citizens and the focus of all parliamentary parties should be on this issue,” the press release underlines.