PM Zaev Rejects Opposition Demands as Unfounded

VMRO-DPMNE’s demands for a technical government with a 100- day term according to the model stemming from the Przino Agreement, for a new public prosecutor and an inquiry commission in Parliament to probe referendum irregularities are absolutely unacceptable, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Thursday in Ohrid. “There is no reason, no need to discuss such things. The institutions themselves have commented on their own. To demand a commission to look into whether the referendum was legal even though the State Election Commission (SEC) is helmed by a VMRO-DPMNE member, and also the Administrative Court, whose members have not been replaced, implies itself what is in fact the purpose of these demands,” Zaev told reporters. He said that in the coming days talks would take place with lawmakers in Parliament in ‘a pleasant, normal and responsible climate.’