Zaev: All deadlines and procedures for Prespa Agreement shall be met

The PM of Macedonia Zoran Zaev believes that all procedures concerning the implementation of the Prespa Agreement will be implemented in the deadlines prescribed in the agreement. “If we adopt the draft amendments at government’s session on 5 November and we forward them to the parliament, then the session should be scheduled within 30 days. Afterwards the Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Issues and the Legislative Committee will open a discussion. The set deadlines are clearly defined in the rules of procedure and all the discussions are led within deadlines, therefore we can plan dates for the second half of January,” Zaev underlines. Commenting on the demands of the Albanian political bloc, the PM said that those demands are yet to be discussed. “The Ohrid Framework Agreement is an integral part of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia. I want to emphasize that inclusiveness in the process is important, but we must not stop the entire process with our ambitions and to minimize the time necessary for the adoption of all the necessary steps that are planned for the second half of January,” Zaev noted.