Sekerinska Announces Finalisation of NATO Membership Protocol in February

The Government is in the final stage of the NATO integration process. The accession negotiations are over, while the remarks from them have been incorporated into the reform programme that should soon be adopted by the Government. The programme envisages reforms in the rule of law and fight against corruption fields. It also takes into consideration the military reforms adjusted with Alliance representatives. It will be presented on 6 December at a NATO 29+1 level. “I don’t expect additional issues. I don’t expect additional problems. We expect the constitutional changes to end in the same period and I therefore consider that everyone agrees that we will be able to have as early as February an accession protocol prepared by NATO,” Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska stated on Tuesday. According to her, the reforms envisaged in the programme are genuine and concrete, in addition to matching the Government’s reform agenda in terms of Plan 18. Sekerinska expects the deadlines to be met, with which the NATO membership protocol will be completed at the start of the first quarter of 2019.