VMRO-DPMNE protests in front of Government

VMRO-DPMNE held on Wednesday the first of the series of anti-governmental protests they announced a few days ago.  The protest march started in front of the headquarters of the party in the centre of Skopje, and then through the streets ended up in front of the Government of Macedonia. Once the crowd arrived in front of the governmental building, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski held a speech. “At the next parliamentary election, we will defeat you, and put you in your place – in the rubbish, where you belong. Today we start a tour throughout Macedonia, and every Wednesday we shall gather here, with the people, to tell one big NO to the government led by SDSM. Unlike their colourful revolutions, in which they demolished premises of the state, our protests will be peaceful, because we respect the things constructed with people’s money. They were promising us life, but only brought us hell and death. They humiliated and oppressed us, but we are strong, and our time will soon come. A new sun of freedom shall rise above Macedonia,” said Mickoski in his address, calling all the citizens of Macedonia who are unsatisfied with the ruling of the current government to join them in the protests.