Zaev: Joint Session of Macedonian. Bulgarian Government in December

The PM Zoran Zaev answered in the Parliament questions of the MPs concerning the implementation of the Good-Neighbourliness Agreement between Macedonia and Bulgaria. “In December, there will be a joint session of the governments of Macedonia and Bulgaria in Sofia, at which the mutual committee for implementation of the Goo-Neighbourliness Agreement will report about its work in the past period. The members of the committee are currently negotiating about the contents of the history textbooks for schools, but I cannot reveal further details,” Zaev answered to VMRO-DPMNE MP Blagica Laskova’s question about possible changes in the textbooks in Macedonia. “The committee focuses on texts and phrases in these books which contain negative references sparkling hatred towards our Eastern neighbours. We stand for eliminating those things, and thus eliminating the negative feelings we have for each other. We shall reveal all information once the committee provides the report with all details,” Zaev added.