Sekerinska: NATO membership will help us, but will not resolve our problems

The Vice-PM and Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska opened on Friday the debate organised by the Institute for European Policies titled “Between facts and fiction – what NATO membership will bring to Macedonia”. “All 29 NATO member-states agree that Macedonia is ready to become the alliance’s 30th member. This is definitely something we are to be proud of, but still the integration process depends only on the successful implementation of all necessary reforms by the Macedonian authorities. We need to locate and resolve our own problems, and not to wait the NATO membership resolve them all overnight,” Sekerisnka said. Simonida Kacarska from the Institute for European Policies presented researches of the progress of other countries from the Balkan region about their progress before and after joining NATO, adding that Macedonia can also positively benefit the membership in this alliance.