Nimetz: Serious Consequences if Prespa Agreement fails

UN mediator Matthew Nimetz for the name dispute talks between Greece and Macedonia, said in an interview for the Greek News Agency ANA that failure to ratify the Prespa Agreement would have profound consequences for both sides. “If the Prespa Agreement does not come into effect, the consequences of the failure will be profound and both sides might well reconsider many elements that had been agreed to. I can foresee many different scenarios that might be possible, some of them quite risky. There are likely to be different political dynamics in both countries, as well as changes in the regional and global environment,” Nimetz said. Asked if the language would be referred to by the UN as Macedonian, Nimetz said the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names in its multilingual list of names had accepted Macedonian under the listing for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.