Croatian Vice-PM and DM Krsticevic visits Macedonia

The Croatian Vice-PM and Defence Minister Damir Krsticevic paid on Tuesday an official visit to Macedonia. Krsticevic met in the Macedonian Government the PM Zoran Zaev, with whom he spoke about the integration of Macedonia in NATO and EU, as well as the adoption of the Prespa Agreement. “We are working hard on implementing all necessary reforms in this process, and we expect a green light by the EU for start of membership negotiations with Macedonia. Of course, the Croatian support in this process plays a crucial role, and we are very grateful to our friends in Zagreb for it,” Zaev told Krsticevic, who reiterated the Croatian support for Macedonia’s integration in NATO and EU. Krsticevic also had a meeting with his Macedonian counterpart, Vice-PM and DM Radmila Sekerinska. “Macedonia managed to accomplish many things in only 18 months, and thus our ambitions have also grown, so as we requested support for accession in NATO couple of years ago, today we ask for support for our accession to the EU,” Sekerinska told Krsticevic, greeting him at the end of the meeting with the words “see you soon in NATO.”