Serbian Defence Minister Vulin levels Accusations at Macedonia

“Skopje has become what Budapest was in the past, a centre of intelligence affairs against Serbia, a place where financing and support for snitches and cutpurses from the whole region is secured, for politicians who believe the only path to come to power is by cooperating with the foreigners,” Serbian Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin said on Tuesday regarding the meeting held the previous day between PM Zoran Zaev and Alliance for Serbia (SzS) founder Dragan Djilas. According to SzS, the meeting had focused on the current situation in Serbia and One of Five Million protests in the country. “President Aleksandar Vucic’s firm position that he will not accept power of the ambassadors has led him under direct attack by the services. Skopje has become an area from where attacks against Serbia start and from where they will be encouraged,” Vulin told Vecernje Novosti.