Deskoska and Janeva express Satisfaction with SPO law

The new Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) law, which will see the institution headed by Katica Janeva become part of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO), will not allow for hidden amnesty, Justice Minister Renata Deskoska stated on Wednesday. According to her, the SPO will have the jurisdiction to continue all procedures that are in the charge stage, but also investigations and pre-investigations.  The evidence will remain valid as well. Janeva, too, said she was satisfied with the law because, as she explained, the SPO has gotten its place. Also, she announced new investigations. Regarding the cases in which it will not be able to use wire-tapped materials as evidence, such as Empire or Thaler, the Special Prosecutor stated that prosecutors would have to get other witnesses and pieces of evidence. However, Janeva didn’t rule out the possibility of the new law meaning salvation from accountability for some suspects. If the necessary two-thirds majority is secured for the law to be adopted, the SPO, in the future, as part of the PPO, will be autonomous and put under obligation to prosecute high-profile corruption and crime by elected or named officials. The PPO will take over investigations and cases over which Janeva’s institution will have no jurisdiction.