27 April case: Pardon requests Filed by all Convicts

Everyone convicted in the trial over the 27 April case has requested to be pardoned. The requests have been sent by the convicts through their families. According to unofficial information, some of the suspected organisers, too, have filed a request, but their lawyers and families haven’t confirmed that. All convicts haven’t started to serve the sentence because the verdict hasn’t even been written, it is not effective and they have a right to file an appeal. Despite that, all of them have requested a start of the sentence because of, as they say, the bad conditions in detention. In the meantime, according to several reports from media citing the Macedonian Prosecutor’s Office, police in Sweden have arrested Dejan Davidovski, who is charged in the case. He was detained by border police officers at Skavsta Airport on 7 April. According to the reports, the Office has requested extradition for Davidovski, who is wanted on an international warrant. According to DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, President Gjorge Ivanov shouldn’t save those who have requested to be pardoned in relation to the 27 April case from prison. However, he isn’t sure what Ivanov will do. “That would be an ill-advised and unthought-through step by the outgoing President. I don’t know how big a legitimacy he would have to take such a step, which would case many reactions,” he says.