Ministers comment on Announced broom Process

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said on Monday that he wasn’t afraid of the so-called broom process. He supports PM Zoran Zaev’s announcements about a reshuffle because, in his view, certain staff should be changed on the basis of established criteria. “At the Interior Ministry, there have been staff changes since day one and there will be ones further,” Spasovski pointed out. It’s about staff that haven’t showed results in their work and don’t adhere to principles for which the Ministry pledges. The work of all employees will be evaluated. Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski didn’t give a direct answer to the question whether he expected to be replaced. Instead, he talked about the reforms. In that regard, he added that he was satisfied with his and the work of the directorates and administrations within the frameworks of the Ministry. The Education Minister, Arber Ademi, shortly answered that he was focused on reforms. “For now, I’m not dealing with that,” he stressed.