Date for Ahmeti-Zaev meeting Still not Set

Mile Bosnjakovski, Spokesperson for the Government, stated on Thursday that a date for the meeting between PM and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev and DUI leader Ali Ahmeti still hadn’t been set. “Currently, we have no precise information about a date and time for the meeting. Regarding the reshuffle, that is a decision at a level of coalition partners,” he said at a press-conference, adding that journalists should contact political parties if they wanted more information about the issue. According to ministers from DUI’s ranks, there is no room for dissatisfaction with their work. They consider that the government has managed to deliver on their promises. Though DUI MP Artan Grubi confirmed Zaev and Ahmeti hed met on Wednesday in Tetovo, there are no details about those discussions. The ministers who are part of Zaev’s cabinet consider that they have done their best, but the PM has the final say.