Pavle Bogoevski case Still unresolved

Though it’s been five days since MP Pavle Bogoevski turned himself in to the police and confirmed the authenticity of the audio recording, in which, according to him, he is ordering cannabis oil, not cocaine, the case still hasn’t been resolved from a legal standpoint. The Interior Ministry submitted on Monday the notification to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office (BPO) in Skopje. After the consultations within the frameworks of the BPO, it issued an order to determine the identity of the taxi driver and the person from whom the narcotics were being ordered, as well as to find out for whom that was being done. The BPO also put the Ministry under the obligation to discover, through international instruments, who’s behind the Vkontakte account. Bogoevski, who chairs the Committee on Mandatory-Immunity Issues, which should in several days make a decision on former PM Nikola Gruevski’s MP mandate once again declined to comment on the issue. Even though the formal explanation about the postponement of the session is prioritising the committees working on defence reforms because of their importance, the speculations that the recording scandal is in fact the reason became more and more present. VMRO-DPMNE said the same day that it adhered to the stand that Bogoevski should resign. Also on Monday, PM Zaev stood in the MP’s defence. He said that he did successful work in Parliament and urged an end of the investigation. According to the PM, Bogoevski should decide on his own whether he will resign as MP. “I haven’t had the chance to talk to him,” the PM said during the visit to Vienna.