Czech PM Babis meets Zaev in Skopje

“Skopje and Athens managed to find common ground, reached a compromise on the name dispute,” Czech PM Andrej Babis said at a joint press-conference in Skopje with counterpart Zoran Zaev on Tuesday. As he added, the European politicians that promised to the country that membership negotiations would be opened if the referendum was held, name was changed, reforms were implemented and the Constitution was changed must keep their word. In the Czech PM’s view, if the European politicians don’t do so, that will demotivate citizens and the whole region. Zaev thanked his counterpart for the Czech Republic’s support for a date to be given to Macedonia this summer, adding that that was important not only to the country, but also to the region and to Europe. According to him, giving a date doesn’t mean just an award for the country, but rather implies also the EU’s principledness.