Zaev says Signing of Prespa Agreement was Worth it, considering Benefits

On the occasion of the Prespa Agreement’s first anniversary, PM Zoran Zaev said the signing of the deal had been worth it, considering the benefits. “Today, 17 June, one year since Prespa, we’ve first gotten a new friend. Not that we had had some serious hostilities with Greece, but the feeling, really, was bad, bitter, when we were stopped in our integration processes. Here, after one year, we’re seeing the first benefits as implications in this exercise, in our preparation, because of the full NATO membership in several months. That is a great strategic goal of our country, of this whole region, of the Republic of North Macedonia that had conflicts not centuries ago, but rather 17-18 years ago. That means lasting peace, stability, security and certainty,” he said. During the visit to Krivolak for the Day for Senior Guests within the frameworks of Decisive Strike, he added that, simultaneously, all processes at the EU were taking place and that getting a date to start negotiations was what’s ahead for the country, after 15 years.