Jean Monet Process proceeds in Macedonian Parliament

The MEPs Ivo Vajgl, Edward Kukan and Knut Fleckenstein visited the Parliament of Macedonia on occasion the proceeding of the Jean Monet Process, which focuses on establishing and improving the dialogue between the ruling parties and the opposition in the Parliament. The three MEPs had a meeting with the Speaker of the Macedonian Parliament Talat Xhaferi, who informed them on the ongoing political events in Macedonia. Xhaferi informed the MEPs on the realisation of the Plans 3-6-9 and 18 which focused on reforms necessary for the country’s integration in the EU, as well as of the implementation of the recommendations of the German law expert Reinhard Priebe. Xhaferi also accented the importance of the good bilateral relations Macedonia established with its neighbours, presenting to the MEPs the Prespa Agreement between Macedonia and Greece, and the Good-neighbourliness Agreement between Macedonia and Bulgaria. Vajgl, Kukan and Fleckenstein evaluated the atmosphere in the Parliament as positive, saying that government and opposition are ready to discuss and overcome disagreements around issues important for the country’s integration in EU.