Deputy Education Minister Atanasov announces Resignation from his Position

The deputy Minister of Education Petar Atanasov announced via his Facebook profile that he is resigning his position in the Education Ministry. In his post, Atanasov personally addresses PM Zoran Zaev, informing him of his resignation. “In the past 10 months I was working in a ministry which in the past years was rather neglected. I was very glad when you appointed me as deputy Education Minister. However, my position in the past 10 months was rather unsustainable and ineffective, and I can say that we did not realise none of the changes in the education sector that we included in the pre-electoral campaign back in 2016. When I assumed office, I formed a team with which I worked on reforms and resolutions for the numerous problems the education ministry faces. However, all our efforts and resolutions were ignored by the Minister. I visited many schools and universities and noted segments which require changes, but the too slow and internal functioning of education institutions, nothing was changed or improved. It seems that we are all claiming that we will do our best to improve the system and keep the young people in our country, but without necessary and fundamental reforms and education with higher quality, that will never happen,” Atanasov writes.