Monster case: Expertise of 31 telephones to be Presented as new Evidence

New expertise of 31 telephones will be prepared and presented as new evidence in the trial over the Monster case, which concerns the 2012 Smiljkovci killings. Judge Ognen Stavrev said on Monday that the telephones had been taken away during a search within the frameworks of the initial investigation. “I found the phones in a depot in police. Police told me expertise would now be conducted with new technology that hadn’t been available at that time,” Stavrev explained. Prosecutor Fatime Fetai of the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) informed the Court that after the end of that part of the procedure, she would propose as new evidence audio recordings and the transcripts of all conversations related to the case submitted to the SPO in December 2015 by SDSM. The Court said it would need time to get familiarised with the content, after which a presentation would be agreed upon. Just one witness testified on Monday. The next hearing is scheduled for 22 August.