Central Board of SDSM holds Meeting, Party Leaders’ Meeting cancelled

The Central Board of the party in power SDSM, headed by PM Zoran Zaev, held a meeting later on Thursday evening. The main point of order at the meeting was the appointment of several intra-party commissions and party branches. At the beginning of the meeting, Zaev informed his fellow party-members that he officially cancelled the party leaders’ meeting that was supposed to take place on Friday at the Club of MPs, citing as reason the fact that VMRO-DPMNE leader refused to attend it. During the meeting, the Central Board of SDSM appointed Zoran Verusevski as president of the commission on internal affairs, Venko Filipce at the commission on healthcare, Robert Alagjozovski for culture, Edmond Ademi for foreign affairs, Blagoj Bocvarski for transport, Dragan Gocevski for information society, Bojan Maricic for European affairs and Kiro Kolemisevski for economy.