Pendarovski: “Racketeering” Case must be resolved Quickly and Completely

The President of Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski once again called upon the judicial institutions in Macedonia to resolve the “Racketeering” case sooner. “This is a great affair, and leaves room for numerous speculations. I do not see my calls for sooner and efficient resolution of this case as political pressure over the institutions. Only by resolving this case we can show that some former illegal practices common for certain former state officials and politicians are being eliminated,” Pendarovski said. EU Ambassador to Macedonia Samuel Zbogar sees the processing of this case as clear proof that the judicial organs of Macedonia fight against crime. “I am following this case, and I can say that it poses no reason whatsoever for a political crisis in North Macedonia. Political factors should now focus on the Law on Public Prosecution and the further functioning of the Special Public Prosecution,” Zbogar said.