SPO Employees: Janeva ordered Forensic Erase of Data from Computers

Employees from the Special Public Prosecution (SPO) reported for several media that head of SPO Katica Janeva has given a verbal order a forensic erase of databases from all the computers in SPO. From SPO they published an announcement in which they deny the information promoted by some media about alleged forensic erase of data. “The Head of SPO had issued neither verbal nor written order for forensic erase of data form all computers. All the activities this institution conducts have a goal to preserve and maintain all material, electronic and written data which serves or can serve as pieces of evidence in cases processed by SPO, and in no case these materials would be compromised,” writes the announcement of SPO. VMRO-DPMNE demanded investigation over Janeva. “It is obvious that the government is protecting Janeva and her involvement in serious affairs of criminal nature,” said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimce Arsovski.