Todorovska not contacted by any Institution

Despite her comments on Thursday that International Alliance representatives had taken away the 720,000 euros from her at the bank right away, Liljana Todorovska hasn’t been contacted by any relevant institution for questioning. The NGO hasn’t contacted either. Because of that, the pensioner who received the amount for the idea for centre for adults told Telma TV on Monday she would report a robbery either to the police or to the Prosecutor’s Office (PO). The PO hasn’t given a direct answer to the question whether the money and Todorovska’s statement would become part of the investigation into the Rackateering case. The same day, Kanal 5 TV said Drim Bilding would file a lawsuit to get its money back from the NGO. The head of the Struga-based company, Adrian Amzoski, told the TV station that despite the expectation that they would contribute to efforts to solve important social issues through the project for nursing homes, he was surprised by how the whole story had unfolded. The company signed a deal with International Alliance a year ago, when they paid 233,000 euros to Vice President Jasna Ercegovic-Mandic. However, after the money hadn’t been returned following the six-month deadline, they decided to sue. Monday also saw VMRO-DPMNE once again demand answers regarding the case. As party spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski said, the PO must answer a lot of questions, including one whether there was an inadmissible financial link between current Karpos Mayor Stefan Bogoev and Jovanovski during the 2017 local elections.The Prosecutor’s Office hasn’t revealed whether a search has been conducted on the NGO’s premises. However, it’s been confirmed that Jovanovski’s mobile phone was taken away during his arrest at Bogorodica Border Crossing.