FM Dimitrov comments on “Racketeering” Case

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov commented via Facebook on the latest developments in relation to the “Racketeering” case. “The fact that the crime wants to discredit its persecutor should not surprise us. It is shocking that someone seems to have allowed the thirst for justice to be used to quench the thirst for money. The possible complicity of the Special Public Prosecutor (SPO) in the trading responsibility, maximises the need for complete and decisive clearance with all the dirt that has come to light. Although the whole story is appalling to apathy, if the person who was to prosecute crime sided with criminals, it must be only an additional motive in the fight for justice, not giving up on it. Clearing and justice for the “Racketeering” case and all the criminals in and out of the recordings,” Dimitrov writes, and adds that he has never met, spoke to or took phots with “Racketeering” suspect Bojan Jovanovski.