Ademi: School Field Vaccination where Necessary

The Education and Science Minister, Arber Ademi announced yesterday that together with the Health Ministry, field vaccination will be offered in schools where necessary. Ademi also announced that by the end of the month, they will have numbers of enrolled first graders this year, since because of the collective immunity, on several occasions the issue of disallowing unvaccinated children from attending school has been discussed, and later adopted. After the warning strike the Education Ministry and SONK decided that by the end of the week they will agree on the date for continuation of the negotiations for additional salary increase for educators. Minister Ademi states that the Government has the will to fulfil the syndicate request, however all data has to be reviewed. First Children’s Embassy, “Megjashi” scorn the decision of turning away unvaccinated students, saying that “the state has to secure the right of education” and that for many children “the joyous first school day turned to nightmare”. Megjashi also threatened that if the problem of child exclusion is not resolved, they will report the situation to the Children’s Rights Committee at UN and request specific recommendations for the country.