PM Zaev in Interview with Fokus

In an interview with Fokus, PM Zoran Zaev doesn’t rule out the possibility that businessperson Orce Kamcev was recording him personally, too, like he did with the rest. Asked by the weekly whether there was a possibility that Kamcev had been recording during the visit to Zaev’s Cabinet to report the racketeering, Zaev says: “I cannot say whether he was recording me. If he records everywhere, it’s possible that he was recording me. When one enters here, in my place, they first leave the phones, according to the procedure, so that we have free meetings.” At the meeting with Kamcev, the PM adds, he didn’t see evidence of Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva being involved in the Racketeering case. Regarding the road to EU and NATO membership, he is 99% certain that the country will get a date in October for a start of membership negotiations with the Union, adding that he considers integration into the Alliance to be a finished job. Eagerly elections, in his view, would currently be unproductive and destructive to the country and its citizens. Regarding the Public Prosecutor’s Office issue, which will resolve also the status of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, though he says that it is not a condition for the decision in October, Zaev believes it is important and someone can have remarks about that.