SPO ready to Hand over Cases and evidence

The Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) is ready to hand over both its cases and evidence. The Public Prosecutor’s Office is ready to receive them because it informed the SPO about that on Wednesday. However, nobody has revealed how the procedure will be carried out and who will put the signature and stamp on the handed-over folders. Despite this, the SPO’s Lence Ristovska stated on Thursday she hoped the SPO wasn’t dead. The SPO’s employees, too, are worried about what will happen to them. The professional, administrative and technical staff have together sent a letter to PM Zoran Zaev, President Stevo Pendarovski and Justice Minister Renata Deskoska, but they have asked for help also from the EU, Dutch and US Ambassadors. In their view, it’s regulated in the SPO Law that they should return to the regular Prosecutor’s Office to positions that are nearly as paid as the ones so far. “Hence, each intention of negotiating teams that is in contradiction with the previously presented legal directions will be considered by us a direct violation of labour relation rights, motivated by vindictive urges towards employees and towards everything they’ve managed to achieve over the past period with honesty and with sacrifice towards the institution for which they work, acting in the scope of their job tasks determined by laws and in accordance with the organsiational set-up at the Office,” they write. Wednesday also saw the hearing over the Thaler case postponed.