Venice Commission Recommends Changes to Law on Languages

The web portal published on Sunday an unofficial draft-version of the letter delivered from the Venice Commission to the Government of Macedonia concerning the content of the Law on Languages. In the letter, the Venice Commission warns that the Law on Languages in its current form may jeopardise the judicial system of Macedonia. “The Law on Languages must undergo revision and changes, because if it improves only the status of the Albanian language, it imposes over the state institutions rather unrealistic demands,” writes the draft-letter of the Venice Commission. From the Ministry of Justice they report that they will respect the findings of the Venice Commission concerning the Law on Languages. DUI on the other hand claims that the law is good the way it is now. “This law secures the peace between the ethnic communities in this country, and this peace is priceless compared to the implementation of a mere law. The Venice Commission itself makes positive notice on the use of the Albanian language on banknotes and army uniforms,” said DUI MP Artan Grubi. From VMRO-DPMNE they view the draft-letter of the Venice Commission as a legal defeat of the government and demand political responsibility.