Italy to be Bringing back Negotiations issue to Table in November

Italy will be bringing back the issue of membership negotiations for Macedonia and Albania to the table at the 19 November General Affairs Council. The Government also confirmed for Telma TV on Monday that PM Zoran Zaev had been invited to Rome. The same day, Italian PM Guiseppe Conte said his country would propose next month for enlargement talks with Skopje and Tirana to be restarted. In the meantime, French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to visit Tirana and Skopje in the coming months, Exit reported, citing diplomatic sources in the Albanian capital. The exact date still hasn’t been set. However, it seems that with his visit, Macron is trying to prove to the two countries that their European perspective is open and that France will help them achieve their goal, according to the Albanian portal’s analysis. A diplomatic source has confirmed that as a sign of France’s support, Macron has founded in Tirana the office of the French Development Agency, which will implement French assistance for development projects in Albania. This step will likely mean an increase of assistance from France, which has so far not been among the important donors of Albania.