PM Zaev comments on Several topics

According to PM Zoran Zaev, full EU integration is the only acceptable alternative for Macedonia. “We’re ready to enter that process and finish it through new methodologies and new fair chances that will be given. I believe that both the EU and friendly France will understand that there’s no alternative for the Western Balkans and the Republic of North Macedonia except full-fledged EU membership,” he said on Tuesday morning, answering journalists’ questions. In regards to Igor Spasov, the person sentenced in 2012 to 14 years in prison for the murder of Martin Neskovski during the celebration of VMRO-DPMNE’s election victory the previous year, Zaev stated that the investigation should show where he was. According to the PM, institutions acted in accordance with the law and all procedures were observed. Regarding the 2020 elections, Zaev ruled out the possibility of them being delayed due to the upcoming ratification of NATO’s Accession Protocol by Macedonia’s Parliament. Asked whether he would form a coalition with other parties from the Albanian bloc, the PM stated that the opportunities were open, adding that the citizens’ mood was being followed. “We should follow the citizens’ voice,” Zaev stated.