PS Xhaferi Meets French Senate Deputy President, Conway-Mouret

The PS of the Republic of Macedonia met on Tuesday with Helene Conway-Mouret, Deputy President of the French Senate, also member on the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Armed Forces Commission at the same Senate. The meeting was also attended by MP, Pance Ivanov in the function of President of MP group at the Macedonian Parliament for cooperation with the Parliament of the Republic of France. At the beginning of the meeting, Conway-Mouret awarded PS Xhaferi with the Senate’s gold medal, as symbol of friendship and fruitful cooperation between the Parliament and Senate of the two countries, for which Xhaferi expressed gratitude and high highest respect for the French Senate. During the meeting, Conway-Mouret stated that her visit is aimed toward the deepening of the Parliamentary diplomacy between the two countries. PS Xhaferi expressed his commitments, even though the country did not receive accession talks date with EU, to continue the reforms from the European agenda in the interest of the citizens who always wish for progress, as well as expressed his gratitude for France’s support and future cooperation which will enable the country to surpass the current situation and continue down the right road.