Pendarovski-Mattarella: European Integration for Regional Stability

Italy continuously supports the strategic goals of North Macedonia for EU and NATO membership, and at their initiative an extraordinary meeting will be held by the EU General Affairs Council where the North Macedonia and Albania accession negotiations date issue will be reopened, was told to President Pendarovski by his Italian colleague, Sergio Mattarella in Rome. During his official visit in Rome, President Pendarovski was welcomed by President Mattarella with state and military honours, after which the two presidents had a private meeting. A plenary meeting was also held by the official delegations of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Italy. Pendarovski expressed gratitude for the continued open support by Italy in accomplishing the country’s strategic goals, the EU and NATO memberships. The relations between the two countries were also discussed at the meeting, where the two presidents concluded that there is high degree of trust and understanding, as well as excellent political dialogue which can contribute to the strengthening of economic exchange, cooperation between businesses and enriching the economic cooperation. At the same time, President Pendarovski extended an invitation to President Mattarella for official visit to North Macedonia the following year, invitation which the Italian President gladly accepted. President Pendarovski also met with Roberto Fico, President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and a number of Italian Senators, at separate meetings, where the interlocutors agreed that the two countries have excellent bilateral relations in several areas of mutual interest and underlined the importance of further strengthening of the same.