Tsipras: Prespa Agreement among Reasons why we Lost election

Former Greek PM Alexis Tsipras said in an interview for Greek TV Antenna that the signing and ratification of the Prespa Agreement by his government is one of the main reasons why his party SYRIZA lost the latest parliamentary election in Greece. “Some wondered if I was crazy and risked losing the elections over the Prespa Agreement, but I made this decision in order to urgently improve the country’s role. Our grand achievement is upgrading of the country’s geopolitical role during a difficult period for Greece and we are witnessing this now. I truly believe this Agreement was the reason for SYRIZA to lose the election, and also mainly because of the toxic propaganda created about the issue. However, I said there was an urgent need for upgrading of our country’s geopolitical role, an urgent need to solve problems and disputes in order to eliminate Turkish presence on our northern border,” Tsipras said.