Caretaker PM Spasovski in Interview with MTV1 TV

In an interview with MTV1 TV, caretaker PM Oliver Spasovski points out that the Cabinet should primarily focus on creating conditions for organising fair, democratic, and credible elections. “Sure enough, simultaneously with those activities, with the same energy, we will get committed to the continuity of processes and policies that are underway and that are started in order for the country to move forward,” he says. According to Spasovski, their orientation is to work in the interest of citizens. “If Ministers nominated by VMRO-DPMNE have the same motives, there will be no problem for us to work for the good of citizens and of the state. Today’s meeting with VMRO-DPMNE’s Ministers was in that direction, too, right away after the session of the Cabinet, and we agreed that that exact interest would come first for us and that it was a reason for us to raise our capacities above the daily-political games and calculations, and for us to make a significant step forward in the relations between the political stakeholders,” Spasovski adds. As the caretaker PM stresses, the use of the country’s constitutional name is a legal obligation of elected and named officials. He assesses that VMRO-DPMNE’s Ministers had a good start when they signed the statement for election where the constitutional name was used.