DUI Leader Ahmeti in Interview with Albanian ABC News

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti says in an interview with ABC News that he was in the past offered a division of Macedonia along ethnic lines. However, he points out that he rejected the offer. In the interview with the Albanian channel, Ahmeti also says his party will not enter any coalition in the elections, that is, it will participate on its own. “Each division of this country would be damaging, very damaging to Albanians, but to Macedonians, too. Because things cannot be divided as if with a knife. There would have been minorities both here and there. New wounds would have been opened. We didn’t accept a division of Macedonia. I’ve told the Macedonian politicians, too, that this country is as much mine as it is theirs. I want us to have our symbols and language. We’ve achieved these goals. We have a university, a language in Parliament and institutions, and symbols of ours,” the DUI leader points out. Senior officials used to be behind the offer, according to Ahmeti.