SEC Rejects Interior Minister Culev’s Second Request

The State Election Commission doesn’t have the right to interpret laws concerning issues not related to organisation of elections. This is the conclusion made on Tuesday by SEC members, who unanimously rejected technocratic Interior Minister Nakje Culev’s second request, too, for explanation related to the so-called double signatures issue. As the SEC pointed out, only Parliament has competence when it comes to authentic interpretation of Government Law articles. The same day, Deputy PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani held a meeting with SEC President Oliver Derkoski. Both said it was important for the elections to have a fair and democratic atmosphere, considering the EU’s recommendations. The SEC President added that the voter list was clean and updated on a regular basis. Citizens can check whether they are part of it on the SEC’s website. According to the deal reached at the leaders’ meeting in October. Parliament’s dissolution should take place on 12 February and schedule the elections for 12 April.