Trial over Extortion Case Continues

The furniture found in ex-Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva’s home had been selected by suspect Bojan Jovanovski. It needed to be paid by 1TV. The owner of the furniture store recognised it on the photos. It cost around 5,000 euros, but the medium wasn’t paying the invoice. As a guarantee of the payment, 2,750 euros were given, which was registered on a cash in receipt, Zona Mebel manager Lidija Mladenovic said during the continuation of the trial over the Extortion case on Wednesday. As she added, the money was brought by a girl. The amount totalled the price before tax. “However, it was left as a guarantee for the debt, which still hasn’t been collected from 1TV. On the photos in the Prosecutor’s Office, I recognised that it was the same furniture,” Miladinovic stated. Jovanovski’s former friend, TV show host Lila Stojanovska, too, testified. While their relations were good, Stojanovska donated 25,000 euros and a loan for 1TV. A friend of Jovanovski’s mother, Court of Appeals Judge Meri Dika, testified as well. Despite the Prosecutor’s Office’s efforts to find out what they bought during the trip to Milan, she didn’t give specific answers, except that they hadn’t spent much. She knew that Jovanovski had more money than before after he had started to work on social projects. In the end, Jovanovski threatened he would file 19 criminal charges over, as he said, the discrimination due to which he is in detention. The suspect asked for Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska to be excluded from the case. He said he had information that Ruskovska was involved in a crime worth four million euros. He asked where he should report her. The trial will continue on Thursday. The same day, Ruskovska denied the statements, that is, said it was not true she was connected to a corruption affair.