No New Coronavirus Patients, House Quarantines Issued

Thursday evening, test results for person that traveled from Rome and contacted the Infectious Diseases Clinic with signs of the flu were being processed. The results will be ready in an hour and a half after which the public will be informed, Health Minister Venko Filipce said at an afternoon press conference. Two patients who were tested previously, a truck driver coming from northern Italy and a patient arriving from Rome, and their tests came back negative for the presence of coronavirus. Currently, the already hospitalized patient at the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje, who traveled by van from Milan, is the only registered case of the COVID-19 virus. “The patient with coronavirus confirmed she feels good, has a mild clinical picture and no serious complications,” stated Health Minister Filipce. He informed that 12 people who were in contact with this patient are under house confinement and are not permitted to leave their house or receive visitors. They are healthy and present no symptoms. Filipce emphasized that these people will be provided with food and water and other necessary supplies by Red Cross members. “All competent authorities implement the protocol in a timely and responsible manner. We appeal to the citizens not to panic and inform themselves on the situation exclusively from official sources and information. The Health Ministry continues to regularly report on the situation,” the Ministry of Health announced.