MEPs on Investigation into Macedonian Mediums

Hungarian financial operations in Slovenian and Macedonian media such as Alfa, Kurir, Republika and Netpress have found themselves on the agenda of MEPs. Next Wednesday at a plenary session, the European Parliament will debate “Hungarian interference” in the media in Slovenia and Macedonia. The information was confirmed by Slovenian MEP Irena Joveva through her Twitter on Friday. In a written response, Joveva explains that findings from Slovenian web portal have prompted more MEPs to seek answers from the European Commission. “According to the documents published on the portal, in recent years the Hungarian political leadership, through one of its banks and auxiliaries in Slovenia, conducted a major international political-media operation in Macedonia aimed at overthrowing the government there, as well as the country’s NATO membership, in this operation, allegedly Hungarian media owners close to the Slovenian SDS party played a key role, which at the time were financed by those companies close to Viktor Orban,” Joveva explains. According to the published information, four million Euros have been transferred to Slovenia through these companies, 1,5 million of which remained in Slovenia and 2,5 million were used for Macedonia. She adds that even though she follows the situation in Slovenia more than in Macedonia, it is equally bad in both countries.