37 People Arrested Thursday Night for Failure to Comply with Curfew

During the curfew, 37 people were detained Thursday night for disobeying the movement prohibition, and the total number of citizens who have been found outside and registered by police amounted to 66. The total number since the introduction of the curfew is 301 people, of whom 138 have been detained at the police station. In the past 24 hours it has been stated that one person violated the self-isolation measure, as well as three catering establishments violated the Government measures. Technical Interior Minister Nakje Culev tells Kanal 5 that the fines are set by the prosecution, but the sums are 2,500 Euros and upwards. With the curfew, especially for the weekend, when movement prohibition become more rigorous and begin at 16:00 hours, Culev believes citizens should finally understand the seriousness of the coronavirus situation.