US Ambassador Byrnes Addresses Citizens of Macedonia in Open Letter

US Ambassador to Macedonia Kate Marie Byrnes addressed an open letter to all citizens of Macedonia, in which she sends messages of support to all citizens amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. “Here in Europe, in the United States and around the world we are all grappling with fundamental challenges to life as we have known it.  The toll COVID-19 is taking, in terms of human lives and in our daily lives—school, work, society, relationships—were nearly unimaginable just six months ago.  The people of both our countries, along with those of all other nations touched by this scourge, are joined in mourning for the dead, tending to the ailing, and looking with cautious hope toward the eventual return to normal, everyday life. Alongside other friends and allies, the United States is doing its part to help the government here manage this unprecedented crisis.  Last week, I was pleased to announce 1.1 million dollars in grants to the World Health Organization and UNICEF to fight against COVID-19 in North Macedonia.  These funds will be used to help prepare national laboratories for large-scale testing, train and equip teams to investigate cases and conduct contact tracing, help implement screening processes at the country’s borders, and enhance outreach to marginalized communities which could be particularly vulnerable if they experienced a large-scale outbreak. Aid isn’t just coming from our government.  U.S. NGOs, private foundations, and universities are some of the most generous providers of help and assistance around the world, and this crisis is no exception,” Ambassador Byrnes writes in the letter, which can be read in full at the following link.