SDSM Sends Motion for Urgent Parliament Session to PS Xhaferi

35 MPs from the MP groups of SDSM, NSDP, LDP, DPA, BESA, the Alliance for Albanians, Alternativa and the independent MP group of VMRO-DPMNE signed a motion calling on the Parliament of Macedonia to convene for an urgent session and submitted the motion to Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi. The necessity for this motion came up after President of Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski proclaimed another state of emergency in the country on 16 April 2020. According to the motion, conditions regarding the duration of the mandates of the MPs have been met for an emergency session to be called. At the session if scheduled, Parliament will finally have the opportunity to exercise its constitutional power, under Article 125 of the Constitution, to confirm the decisions on declaring state of emergency of the President, the document reads amongst other things. Previously, PS Xhaferi said in several occasions that an already dissolved Parliament cannot be reassembled on any legal grounds. The Parliament was dissolved on 12 February for the parliamentary election which was scheduled to take place on 12 April, but was ultimately postponed for indefinite period of time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From DUI they said that they are yet to take a look at the motion and will then define their positions, while VMRO-DPMNE opposed the motion, claiming that the MPs have no valid mandates to be reassembled again.