Borissov: We Recognise Language Listed in Your Constitution

In an interview for Sitel TV, Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov commented the recent publication of a Bulgarian document annexed to the report of the EU General Affairs Council that official Sofia will condition the accession of Macedonia in the EU with the denomination of the Macedonian language. “Our country cannot order or ban the usage of any language in your country. Bulgaria is one of the greatest supporters of North Macedonia since its independence, and this support of ours will continue throughout the processes for integration of your country in the EU. We recognise the language registered in the constitution of your country. For example, Germany and Austria speak the same language, but have no disputes about it. Many of the people here in Bulgaria believe that that specific thing is as if we have given up on our history. The people in the Balkans have a great deal of history, even too much history, and those matters we need to leave to the historians to resolve, in our case, the Macedonian-Bulgarian commission on historic affairs,” Borissov said.